Kathryn - Kat - Allen (katallen) wrote,
Kathryn - Kat - Allen

Catch a Falling Star...

Or at least catch sight. I was just closing the curtains -- the sun setting outside, the sky clear bright blue, when I saw a really bright, short, contrail. Bright enough against the blue that I paused and pulled the net curtain back to look 'closer'. Which was when I noticed that it didn't look quite like an aircraft trail -- single line, very bright, and very short, but not being broken up (the way it would be if it were short because a wind was pulling it apart). Then it seemed even brighter. And a few seconds after it stopped dead. Gone.

Daytime meteor sighting, I think. I've never seen (or not seen anything I could be so sure of being) one before. I made a wish, but I'm not sure if that counts if the star doesn't fall, and I doubt it fell. I'm not sure either that it burned up. My impression was that it just skimmed/bounced.

It could, of course, have been a piece of space junk. But a bit of a dead planet or planet that never was is more inspirational.

Science was wrong -- Rocks do fall from the sky.

And sometimes they fall sideways and then race back into the void, a little singed, briefly warmer, and a little slower -- if only for a while.


Apparently my brain now thinks I need to write a story with weasels... actually a story in which weasels are plot pivotal. I know this because I have a title -- A Brace of Fine Weasels (and a Sprig of Rue). Brave, noble, teensy weasels. (Weasels are terribly cute, really, and they're even more fun at the bottom of your garden than fairies).
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