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Kathryn - Kat - Allen

The End

So, as I discovered once I got there, saturday's was the last Harrogate Lace Event. I am entirely certain I went to the 3rd Harrogate Lace Day back in (I think) 1983. (My mother would say we went to the 2nd but I'd need to check that)

I am not particularly good with or keen on endings. When the last people gave up and it becaome the Lace Event rather than a Lace Day, I had been looking into taking over as organiser myself... but back then I was young and now I am not. As you get older endings creep up on you.

As I was heading for the door -- with only two hours fifteen minutes to spend at the event (because my brother was on evening shift so I could be away for the morning only -- if he'd been on rest days I could have done longer) -- the phone rang. I picked it up and was told 'this is Eeeee from Post Office Counters' and yes for two seconds I did wonder about the ocunting of post offices... but then I heard a neat tale about how I'd been tracked down overnight and could I please come in to the Post Office and help save the world... So I apologised because I'd been looking forward to the Lace thing for weeks and said I'd turn up in the afternoon.

So I went and had a great time, and ran out of time when I thought I'd make it (but suddenly the stalls I needed to go back to were busy as busy and I forgot where some things were and now I have a phone if I'm not outside already people picking me up can phone me rather than hanging on five minutes extra :( )

And then I went to the Post Office... and no it wasn't saving the world but Eeeee was pretty desperate because when I'd taken money from my account the day before she'd not properly concluded the transaction and the money was out of her till but still in my account. She'd tracked me down from other people remembering fragments about me that led her to my brother and the police and... well she found me. And I inserted my magic card and saved her job and we joked and laughed and she told me how she'd worried all night until Oooo had remembered factiod x and called her at 2am and a town of over 100,000 people became a village and I got the opportunity to be the happy ending of a story about an unbalanced till.

I am less not good or keen about happy endings :)
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