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OMG I just found out about triskaidekaphobia*!!!


It's in Wikipaedia!


And doctors talk about it... so there may be quite a few people who have problems when confronted with the number thirteen (13).

If you're a good person. If you care about your fellow men. If you don't want to commit numberfail!


Petition livejournal to have the number thirteen (13) removed from all dates. Write to your government spokespersons to have the number thirteen (13) abolished. Campaign against the malicious practise known as a 'baker's dozen' (by which people introduce the number thirteen in to the lives of others against their specific instruction to stop at twelve).

And be aware that there is also a serious problem with the use of the number four (4)


Since this is more of a problem in Asia, ignoring this also potentially makes you racist. Please note that with tetraphobia it is not only the number four (4) itself which causes distress but also any numbers which contain the number four (4) such as fourteen, twenty-four, forty-eight.

I hadn't understood before how viciously uncaring the makers of TV shows and films like Friday the 13th, 24, 48 hours, Thirteen were being. Boycott these (oh wait, boycott was a real person and the word brings up memories of terrible acts of discrimination)... Refuse to patronise (oh patronise can be offensive to those people or societies who've been patronised in living memory)... Don't go and see them or watch any films of shows made by the same people!

And literary examples? Too many to count. It's like writers don't care!

If you're bored and trollish, please join me in the campaign against upsetting numbers. If we get together and attack enough bemused and well-meaning people we can have fun and make our own lives happier by making someone wish they'd never been born change the world!

Maths -- I don't like it*. Why should anyone else use it?

[Just because you have a lot of similarly vocal and outraged allies it doesn't mean it isn't *you* who should be seeking professional counselling, or otherwise considering that maybe it isn't the world that needs to change, or be forcibly changed, but you]

* not actually true
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